Just wondering, why? Cause Edmund and Lucy left? Or is it another reason?

No particular reason, I just got distracted and stopped. 

That actually is usually the reason I don’t finish watching/reading things. 

Out of curiosity, where did you stop?

Dawn Treader. And I read them in chronological order and not publication order.

I was so glad that they never adapted “A Horse and His Boy” that was my favorite Narnia book.

I really liked that one too. Though I’m not a huge Narnia fan since I never made it all the way through the books.

Yeah that too. People love to complain about movie versions of books. I should know…. I did it with the Prince Caspin and Voyage of the Dawn Treader movies….

I can happily say that I never saw those movies. 

But yes complaining about movie adaptations is an old pastime.

Maybe it’s people bringing it back so they can say: “Yeah, we’re totally right.”

Maybe. It also is probably the fact that the movies messed a lot of things up and people are only now just starting to realize it.

Because they’re will always be fighting in any active fandom. Even if the books and movies have been over for years.

It’s not even new fights it’s stuff that was around 7 years ago. Like, we did do all of this a long time ago. 

OMg why is there fighting in the HP fandom the books are 7 years old there is no new information.



i’ll see you in heck




so seven years of verbal harassment in the classroom later he found out snape wanted to fuck his mom and now he is the bravest man he ever knew wow. wow. beautiful

Are people forgetting the whole double agent thing? Like, yeah Snape did awful shit…. but you’re leaving out that. Being a double agent is pretty freaking brave. 

He wasn’t brave because he wanted Lily (also he loved her, it was more than just wanting to bang her). He was brave because he routinely risked his life and did so in a way that practically guaranteed that almost no one would know of his true allegiance. If Harry had never said anything, he would have been remembered as the man who betrayed Dumbledore and murdered him in cold blood. 

Yes Snape was a dick. But treating him like some “friendzoned dudebro” does not accurately reflect what he was.